Funny Girl Or Not

Posted: May 24, 2014 in humor
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        I’m back again and yet I still feel like this is only an introduction. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the hiatus La Critique went on. To show you how much of a slacker I am, I still have no idea why we went on a break I sure am glad though. Combining my unwillingness to write with the happenings of my day to day life, in the past few months, would have been almost impossible. But I like impossible. I was born that way. And it’s is due to this hiatus that I feel like that unlucky kid who joins a new school in third term and has to move to a new class after Summer break and start the process of making friends all over again. Never mind that I had no anxiety about this happening to me in primary school. I actually looked forward to the change. Always the new kid around these parts I guess.
         At this point, I’m wondering if I have managed to give the impression that my introduction actually has a body to follow it. Well, I guess we’ll find out together. No, you didn’t read wrong. This is an experiment. I should probably issue a disclaimer before I go any further. The well respected members of our team did not give their consent for such level of tomfoolery to be carried out on here. I have not obtained or even sought permission in attempting such brazen levels of shamelessness. I have pulled this or am pulling this off entirely on my own. If this goes south, I will gladly take the fall alone. If by any chance, some of you are forgiving enough to accept the prank I’m trying so hard to pull off as an article, I‘ll take the credit alone too. It would mean I have found the answer to combating procrastination. I would like my gold plaque delivered to my house with white orchids. Thank you. 
         As you might have guessed I procrastinated on writing  and now, just hours from my deadline, I’m planning to pull the wool over your eyes. The more I think about it, the less likely it is that I will pull it off. I might as well broach the topic I had in mind.
          I just want to know who declared that girls could not be funny? Who? Who exactly died and made it a man’s biological right to be funny? Now, I’m sure most of you are getting ready for some feminist think piece on why the “funny gene” is actually feminine. You’ll have to wait a really long time. Yes, I’m a feminist but I’m done with the words “think” and “piece” especially when placed together. I’ve read so much crap disguised at “think-pieces” on the internet, I think I could possibly implode or worse yet, explode if I read another one. Anyway back to my point but first let me do a word count.
          My interest in the issue of funny females first piqued when I was with a certain guy. He was funny. Well, I found him funny. I’ll never be sure if it’s one of those things where your brain shuts down because of hormones and  Cupid’s stupid arrows or the dude was legitimately funny. Anyway, every time I made him laugh, he always used to make it a point of stating that I often got lucky but I wasn’t actually funny. Turns out, I could never be sure if he was telling the truth about anything. That being said, I had somehow always believed that being funny was a thing guys were better at. Funny thing is, I never had this view until I left the sweet confines of my nuclear family. Everywhere I went there seemed to be a general consensus that women are really not funny and that the few who are, are somehow an anomaly. Before you try to argue that I’m making this thing up. I’ll  ask a question, how many comediennes do you know? How many do you like? Now, how may of them are really successful and famous for their trade? If she‘s an actress on the side, she doesn‘t count right now. I’ll wait for a figure…. Now how many men fit into the same criteria? A whole lot more I’m sure. I can’t even begin to attempt explaining why – in this lazy attempt of an article – mostly because I don’t know. Before you try to bring up (SNL) Saturday Night Live Cast, I would like you to ask yourself this question: “Do you honestly think girls are just as capable of being funny as boys? ” If not, why? Because we are more passionate about nagging or we are only good at gossiping? Please these stereotypes are so over-flogged so can someone please come up with a rational explanation. I could use one and I‘ll be waiting… or not.
          I’m that girl with a million and one male friends and in my experience, early on in our friendship, most of them would be reluctant to laugh out loud in public at my jokes. They would stifle their laughter and try to make up some logical excuse for why I had caught them unawares. With time, some of them would go as far as being pleasantly surprised that I was funny. While others would attribute my “newly found humor”  to the benefits of hanging out with them. I have even received handshakes for making dudes laugh. I’m entirely confused as to why that is. Now, I’m no Kevin Hart, (Yes, I went with a guy because y’all probably wouldn’t think much of a comedienne as a worthy example or you wouldn’t even know her ) but I tend to “get lucky” often enough to compare the reactions of my male and female friends. 
          I noticed that whenever I would be with my girls or even just other girls, they’d  be laughing a lot while I spoke. While with my guys, I was supposed to do the laughing and not try to challenge them at this manly art of eliciting laughter. Whenever I did, I was met with quiet smiles, stifled laughter and banter about how “ I was trying“. It was often a mix of the above mentioned responses. I naturally concluded that I was funny but only to girls. I’m not even going to re-read that sentence. I apologize for how stupid and naïve I was. I assure you I have changed. They wouldn’t let me write for La Critique otherwise. Anyway, I decided to try something. I ignored the unsure reception of my jokes. I stood my ground and talked as much smack as the next guy about how funny I was and before you now it, my guys were openly laughing and acknowledging my good jokes as like the next guy‘s. If I got any hand-shakes, they were the same as the other guys got. Good old kudos for outdoing oneself.
        What am I saying in essence? I’m not sure to be honest. I kid. Perception is everything. From both angles. The way you perceive yourself can change the way others respond to you. The way others perceive you definitely affects their response to you. If you’re a lady reading this, you’re probably as funny as the next guy. But don’t take my word for it. I couldn’t even fit in a joke into two pages of claims. Maybe next I will. Till then Szia.

Authored by Phara (@Ehpeaphany)
Phara is one of our authors here at La Critique and can be reached at

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    Long and boring. Inconsistent thought! Clean website.

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