The Dorobucci Principle

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Music
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The Dorobucci Principle, How We All Fit on the Ladder and All That Jazz (Might Just Be the Biggest Song of the Year)

Yes yes, the title is too long so bite me:-p
By the way, if you’re yet to listen to the song and haven’t experienced “Dorobucci”, download the mp3 version here for free –> and listen before you go ahead.
Okay, let’s start this all over again.
Hi everyone, it’s been one long hot minute hasn’t it? Sure feels good to be back:-D

So I was still lying down last Saturday revelling in my awesomeness, when my very good friend, let’s call him Mr. Potato head, sent me a link to a song. Now, I had been seeing Doro this and Doro that on twitter but I wasn’t really interested, let’s face it, there are trends almost every passing minute.


Doro this... Doro that...

Until Don Jazzy tweeted the link to a high life song that I downloaded and I was like “is this what all the hype is about? (insert yawn)”. That was Friday night. So Saturday morning, Mr. Potato head saved me and introduced me to what in my opinion might be the biggest song of the year (I was rooting for Davido’s ‘Aye’, a gist for later)

Anyways I downloaded the song, and as they say the rest is history. My life hasn’t been the same since I downloaded this song and I really cannot remember the number of times I have played it, there’s just this thing about the song starting with the mad beat (Ehen, so what else is new, you ask?) anyhoos, I’m not here to analyze the song or am I?

So who/ what is a Dorobucci?

I will go with a definition that comes up a bit further in the song which says ‘Doro is a cheerful giver; Doro is a kind of boss’…  Yes, right there is where I want to start my analysis from so be a sweetie and go along with me on this ride, as you discover where you fit on the ladder.
Don Jazzy begins the song of course, as a boss  and we are taken into the Dorobucci world…

If you’re a don, then you’re obviously a Dorobucci (I’m sure the dons in Sicily will be uber thrilled at this. Let’s face it Don Corleone is just too mainstream dontcha think? Doro Corleone sounds much better no?)

If you’re big, bloody? Skillful and heavy (insert whoever you want to here please) then you’re a Doro.

If you “gather more than everybody for the gathering” and are frosh (not a smello) yup! you gorrit, you’re a Doro.

If you’re fresh (yes there’s a difference between ‘fresh’ and ‘frosh’, what’s the difference? I don’t know, ask Olamide) flashy, classy and finer than any one you see around you? Doro is you!

Oh and my favorite part of the song has to be Tiwa’s part, to all the divas out there, yup! you’re all Doros. Doro Bey, Doro Rihanna, Doro Tiwa, Doro Dija, Doro Patience.  All leaders are Doros and you follow leaders so why not follow the ladder while at it? At this point I am confused as to what ladder Tiwa is referring to but it makes me laugh and brings to mind a certain ‘Follow the Ladder’ song by Sister Agnes (please check out the video on you tube here > )

Doro hot, doreminado (*sigh* why lawd?) doro meeee, doro youuuuu, doro critiquesssss we the baddest crewwwwwww *please don’t stop reading I beg you*

If you have surulere, you grab, you carry, you fast, sweet, you knack more than a carpenter that has been knacking… (Please don’t ask me) you’re either Ronaldo or Messi? You know what you are.

If you’re an African prince (remember all those 419 emails you tried your hands on back in the day, of course I’m talking to you  :-P) , I’d like to congratulate you on being a Doro way ahead of your peers, a Mega Super Star Doro you are and will always be!

If you eat or sell suya and fish? You’re a Doro #Don’tArgueJustAccept

If you’re bad azzzin badder than baddo, badder than Tony Montana and you’re double o seven or even Chuck Norris, then you’re a Doro.

Doro is a yaro, with money who does what he likes… (this cannot be over emphasized)

Doro is a boss and a cheerful giver (we all know what the bible says about those ones yeah?)

Doro is a money spender, if your name is saved as ‘maga 1’ on any babe’s phone? Yep you’re a Doro! ( Awwwwww and you thought you wouldn’t make the Doro list )

If you care a lot about your dental hygiene (flossing) yup! You’re a Doro, or how else will you get that super mega smile, that’ll make all the chickalas swoon as a gallant Doro causing wahala all over the place?

As a Doro you must be naughty, be a baller, be poppin’, be fly, be Doro etc

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the general idea, Dorobucci is a jam, and we love it because it has managed to put all of us into our level of Doroness, abi is it Dorobucciness? But wait, I have an issue and I want to make it about gender here; what is a female Dorobucci called? Is she a Dorobuccess? Or Dorobuccina? Or perhaps the name is unisex? You know me I like to ask questions. Anyways, Dorobucci is a lovely and fun song and I’d like to give a huge shout out to the Mavin crew for this one. What do we say, the dictionary peeps think about adding Doro to the awesome words already in existence?
Okay, before I bore you all to death let me stop here for today, download and listen to ‘Dorobucci’, thank me later and I’ll thank Mr. Potato head.

P.S. If you read through this article and you didn’t identify yourself on the ladder as a Doro of any kind, then what is this life really? Why are you here? Please for your own good, say this simple short prayer after me:
‘Oh God of Dorobucci, locate me by fire (*5) in Jesus Name’.
‘Any evil spirit delaying my Doroness , fall down and die (*10)
If you said these prayers, then brothers and sisters you’re the next Doro in line!
Alleluya! Chicken Suya! LAL!
Peace out!
P.P.S. I’m totally feeling Olamide’s ‘Anifowose’ and Runtown’s ‘Gallardo’, just thought to put that out there.
Okay, I’m really done this time.

Authored by Helen (@HaYchRoxx)
Helen is one of our authors here at La Critique and can be reached at

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Seriously, we do!

  1. voisplug says:


  2. dodgy. says:

    I totally loved the analysis but by far the most hilarious is that prayer….lolllz great post, keep at it.

  3. Helga says:

    Doro what , Doro Who….Doro You….total DoroBuccina… scattered me with the prayer…loooooolest…Good Job Helen….Good Job…

  4. As a child growing up, Doro was that large rubber bung used to draw water from the Well! *Shakes head like some Old Sage* …I think I need this kind of relief oft

  5. Dex says:

    Cool article n creative. keep up the good work.

  6. Sister Agnes’ ‘Follow the ladder’ song though. Pure write… totally enjoyed every drop of it. Worked magic as it ‘pendullated’ up and down my brain. Now, Helen (without the Paul), write more! 🙂 Doro away!

  7. Doro haych says:

    thank you guys i really appreciate your words….

  8. Don caby says:

    Doro to me is a song from divine for people who have define themselves listen to this song and u wuld define urself and u will discover urself ……..check…..check and u will what u life is made up of…..for me am doro……..any coment u feel after reading dis post

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