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Posted: April 23, 2014 in Politics
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It has been over a year since I wrote anything worth reading (let alone publishing) last. In that time, a lot of people have asked me different questions all soliciting a reason as to why La Critique’s been off for so long. Well, life happened. That’s as simple as I can put it. I’ve been through a bad break up, lost motivation, lost a lot of money at one point, lost old friends, made new ones, got several new jobs, made some cool money, changed lives (how you interpret that is entirely up to you), met the most wonderful person I have in my life right now, lost my mom and… back to life!

But life as we see it, while personal, isn’t private. Life involves what we make of ourselves through the people we meet every day, the way we interact with our environment and vice versa. How our decisions affect, in a chain reaction of events, millions of other people who in turn have to make decisions and so on and so forth. If this be the case, and I believe it actually is, why do we then turn a blind eye to the suffering of our neighbour? Why then does the predicament of the next person feel inconsequential to your wellbeing? How can you truly boast of your capabilities materially and otherwise if none of it has been used to the benefit of your immediate environment? The same environment that’s responsible for the air you breathe, the earth you tread, the people you earn a just living from etc.

Think about it.

You have been a Nigerian all your life. Chances are you’ll die a Nigerian. Has Nigeria been kind to you? If not, have you been kind to Nigeria to expect a reciprocation of such affection? Do you think being born within the geographical boundaries of a political set up makes you a citizen? It is not the land but the people. It is the people who make the geographic boundaries. They are the ones responsible for how its resources are utilized. If you believe you cannot make an impact here, chances are you can’t make an impact anywhere. Having a political post, material wealth or any other semblance of grandeur doesn’t make you great. If you weren’t great before attaining that office, wealth, et al you won’t be great from it. Many a people attribute greatness to the things of the realm of the tangible. How far away from the truth they are.

You, who are reading this, are great. Yes! If only you would believe it. If only you would act upon it. If you think you cannot make a change, then other people will make the change for you. Has your life been worthwhile? Are you happy? What do you categorise as ‘worthwhile’ and how do you experience ‘happy’? Can one truly be happy in an environment where hundreds of innocent lives are taken every day? Can one truly wake up with a clear conscience and opening up the paper read about hundreds of teenage girls kidnapped and still remain of a clear conscience? Perhaps, I live in an alternate universe where the human mind works on another level, where it is written “Love thy neighbour as thyself”, where people ought to know that “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

I therefore apologise, I am a Nigerian, and I am an alien in my country.

“It is easy to dismiss people as terrorists, corrupt, and all that. But the fundamental question is, what kind of environment produces these kind of people and who is responsible for that environment?”. If you do not know the answer with absolute conviction by now, I suggest you stop reading. If you think the few hundreds of people in office are responsible for you who put them there, then you have not been paying attention. For It is also written that “he that has been sent cannot be greater than he that sent him”. So how then can a feeble leadership be greater than the “ordinary people” it has been called to serve?
Again, I apologise, I am alien to these concepts but a Nigerian, yet I remain.

To quote the great political thinker, Edmund Burke; “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. So dear Nigerian, if you’re asking me what to do, if you’re asking me what needs to be done, if you’d like to know where to begin, all I can say is (paraphrasing Michael Jackson’s “Man in The Mirror) start with the great man you see every morning in the mirror, ask him to change his ways and “no message could’ve been any clearer, if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make the change”.

May the good Lord be with us all. Amen

Please say a little prayer for the many lives that have been lost to these needless killings and man’s inhumanity to man before you leave this page. That is all the reward I ask for sharing my thoughts with you.

Live long and prosper!

Authored by ‘Lola El-Imam
‘Lola is the editor here at La Critique and can be reached at follow ‘Lola on Twitter @Lolaelblack and follow @LaCritique_ng.
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  1. adenike amaka says:

    Simple!!!!!!…….this is the plain truth…..we nigerians wait on the government for everything…..we only act when it affects our pockets not our neighbours…..we need to wake up….brace ourselves….and work(not just for ourselves but for the people around us)……#iloveNigeria

  2. adebisi says:

    Lola nice one, dis is indeed a food for tought, may d gud lord help us in dis country.

  3. Sassiey says:

    I am actually one of the “gone crazy about lacritiques people”…….yeah people cos i know there are lots more like me *big smile*…..thumbs up lola, you know how well to make me go back to my becoming a writer dream
    However, this is a good one, i have been reminded of my civic duties….thank you

  4. Mayowa Olawale-Great says:

    Ah! I knew it! ‘Lola has been kidnapped by aliens and sexually molested. This isn’t “La critique style”! I do like and respect the write-up but you can understand my pain when I’m expecting to chuckle or laugh and I’m slapped by a wave of reprimand and moral instructions. *sigh*

    • 'Lola says:

      well, we figured once in a while, we need to reflect and really talk about what’s wrong with the world you know? Thank you for your comments tho… Lol. We’ll have something to chuckle over next Saturday

  5. This article was simple,to the point, honest and inspires some soul searching. Well written hun.Have you been reading the Bible? I saw about three quotes from in there and got curious

  6. Fx says:

    Nice write up, good elaboration & outstanding vacuum for thoughts, to ponder on the truth and realization of our general flaws, at the end, a unique way to shed light on our misplaced priorities………..God help Nigeria
    – Good work La Critic team

  7. ola kazeem says:

    Well written piece. The solution is for us to start with ourselves and the country will definitely be a better place…….. I hope we can find a lasting solution to the selfishness that has sheltered our country

  8. jide lawal says:

    Great piece

  9. Beautiful piece. More than your commendable power of articulation, your message is clearly “You” being the beginning of the change that you wish.
    Truly, is a million people act and believe as u stated; that could mean a 100 million people in its ripple effect out of 170 million. That’s significant enough to bring about true turn around. I’m HAPPY for people like you and I’m HAPPIER for people like me; the HAPPIEST moments can be a host of people like us.

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