Who’s With Me??

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hate isn’t a word that rears its ugly head quite often in my vocabulary. I’d rather use dislike or in severe cases, strong dislike. But in this particular case, no other word is descriptive and encompassing enough to describe these feelings that I feel other than hate. Hate! Hate! Hate! and more HATE. *chants* wooooooo saaaaaaaaaa, wooooo saaaaaaa, woooo…Better now.

You may be wondering what or who would have done such callous acts to me to be deserving of this hate (and sometimes rage), well you may not totally share my displeasure, but if you are human and have come across this lot, you would be agreeable to an extent.

The ‘lot’ to which I refer are none other than trailer drivers. First and foremost, I’d like to state that I realise they all have different names like tankers, tippers, trucks, trailers, and many more that I do not know (and do not care to know), but to me they are all trailers, and therefore all the people that drive them, – trailer drivers.

Now if you stay in Lagos, you would one way or the other have come across these people. But if you stay on the Mainland, you would have experienced these people most likely during your day to day travels (because spending an hour or an hour thirty minutes getting from the Mainland to the island or vise versa definitely qualifies as a journey).

Let me begin with the least annoying aspect of the trailers: Their horns. Their crazy loud, migraine inducing horns. I mean why do they have to be that loud? I know the loudness of a vehicle’s horns is proportional to its size, but they are too loud for pete’s sake. And then the drivers use the slightest opportunity to blast their horns. Some are evil enough to actually leave it blaring till the almost brain dead normal car driver (thanks to the noise) moves off their path. I vote that whenever they use their horns unnecessarily they should be stoned to death. Who’s with me?

Those un-latched containers are next up on my hate list. Why would any sane human being place an un-latched container on a trailer? So it’s therefore safe to state at this point that those who perpetuate this act are not sane. I vote they should be taken to yaba left. Who’s with me?

Now it’s one thing to have an un-latched container on your vehicle, but its another thing to speed through sharp bends, speed into ditches, speed on expressways, overtake sharply and all what not. Now I have not witnessed any incident when a container fell on a human (and I hope never to), but I have heard many many horror stories about it, all very scary, one in particular involved a woman with her child on her back and a bike driver being crushed by a fallen container between Cele/Ijesha bus stop and Mile 2 bus stop. Just the mere thought of all that heavy metal on two adults and a baby, crushing their bones and snuffing the life outta their lungs gives me the creeps big time *shudders*.
I have however witnessed many over turned trailers with their containers blocking the road especially on Apapa road causing endless traffic.

Also, the bad roads we are trying to manage are further destroyed by these vehicles. Their conditions depleting each time they pass through. Leaving ditches deeper and wider too. Roads are narrower as well, when they take up space that other vehicles should pass through. Why do they have to park anywhere they deem fit? Check this: You are on your way home after a long day at work, your boss gave you a hard time, then you spent 2hours in traffic (which is by the way fast becoming a norm in Lagos). You haven’t had a proper meal, and you have unfinished work in your bag that needs to be submitted by 7:30am the next day. All you can think of is getting out of your sticky clothes, taking a shower, eating something, and finishing up your work. You are almost home, just 10mins away. Then you come in contact with a long line of trailers, parked trailers, not moving an inch, with their drivers nowhere to be found. I mean who does that? Its plain inhumane. You automatically have to search out an alternative route to getting home (remember you’ve had an already long day). This is the reason why an average Lagosian doesn’t smile. Life is rough enough in Lagos, then some people just go outta their way to make it even rougher. Enough to frustrate even the calmest person.

This wickedness must be put to an end. If the government can take away bikes from the major roads in Lagos State, I see no reason why they can’t do same for this even more hazardous means of transportation. Or if they don’t want to stop them completely because of ‘monetary gains’, then:
1. They should pass a law that any trailer carrying a container must be latched ALWAYS.
2. They should be COMPLETELY banned off streets and residential areas for crying out loud.
3. Before any one is given the job of driving a trailer (truck, tipper, tanker bla bla bla), they must have undergone and passed a psychiatric examination to determine the extent of their sanity.
4. Get an official parking space for these vehicles. Every company that can afford to have trailers on the roads, should be ready to make arrangements for their parking. Money is obviously not a problem. Buy a piece of land or something. Just get them off the roads.

Who’s with me?

Usually I’d like to end my writing with a bright side or humorous angle, but there is nothing bright or funny about this *very straight face*.

Until next time… Toodles.

Authored by Chika,

Chika is one of our authors here at La Critique and can be reached at chika_nnachi@yahoo.com
Follow her on Twitter @Cheeka_nnachi

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  1. kunle olawale says:

    Chika! I see you’ve had one too many an encounter with these guys. Pele! This too will pass. Okada today, disappeared tomao. Trailer today……

  2. jiraiya says:

    Have u gone to Ibadan recently? U’d add more hatred to this! Its RIDICULOUS! Madness I tell u!

  3. adeola says:

    Am wit u .Some Nigerian’s’ just av dis I dot care attitude mostly dis useless trailer driver’s once dey r on d road dey take charge which makes d driver of smaller car’s leave d lane for dem .

  4. I have always advocated for the sale of ‘horn blares’ (Whatever that means). That way, when you blare it unnecessarily – which will still be punishable by death by the way- you would only be wasting your own money. The problem; I guess; is that I’ve been telling the ‘wrong’ people.
    Now,for the un-latched containers on trailers…Hian! Words fail me on that front o. Craze ni.

    Good work CN

  5. PatrickQW says:

    I have always advocated for the sale of ‘horn blares’ (Whatever that means). That way, when you blare it unnecessarily – which will still be punishable by death by the way *smile*- you would only be wasting your money. The problem; I guess; is that I must have been telling the ‘wrong’ people.

    Now, for the un-latched containers on trailers…Hian! Words fail me on that front o. Serious craze ni.

    Good work CN

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