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Posted: October 23, 2012 in Movies
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Hello Folks, Its been a minute and a half since i wrote anything…and i mean anything at all (asides from way points and routes and slot times but you don’t care about that so…..) Well this one time i will actually not apologize or anything close to that. I have been busy OK very busy! Granted i still watch a minimum of 12 gigabyte of movies/TV shows every week and still indulge in other “activities” but i have been busy i promise!
Anyway, just in case you don’t know, Fall TV season is upon us and it’s only fitting that I write about something TV related. I agree that TV just makes us dumber and dumber each year and i know it’s some sort of government sponsored project to get us all too dumb to think or worry about more important things like cancer, global warming, blah blah blah. I guess that’s why it’s called “TV Program oh! maybe we are really being “programmed” by the government!! OK OK i’m not getting into conspiracy theory mode today maybe next time.
We all know those horrible shows on TV that we can never understand why they make it back year after year. I’m talking about the Jerry Springers, Kim Kardashians and Sixteen and pregnant of this world. Even though when you shuffle through the TV you linger just 5 minutes longer on these shows. You know you do, quit acting all edu-macated and all. HUSH! Actually I am not even touching on that today. The TV shows i absolutely hate and would never understand is every LAST COP SHOW ON TV AT THE MOMENT!!!!!
From CSI – Every frigging state in the US ( I hear they are working on CSI Idaho!!), to Law and Order to blah blah blah. “Oh no! he didn’t just say that!!”… Errr yes I did!
Let me start by saying this; I think these shows were created for people who used to read those damn Mills and Boon books back then, those books that had the same story line over and over again. Only difference is the bare chested man on the cover and the scantily clad whore next to him and of course the names in the book and the ranch they met on *shudder*

What bothers me the most is the fact that whoever creates these shows never bothers to switch up the characters. Take for instance the character who plays forensic pathologist on all these shows is always some borderline mental basket case and is constantly available to cut people open.Never goes on lunch breaks or vacation. I have in reality met a couple of actual forensic pathologists and they are just regular people. I also can tell u as a matter of fact that the kind of background checks done to get those job would eliminate anyone with a slight hint of crazy. So I have to ask ” who or where did this idea come from?”

Another aspect of these shows that drives me nuts is the inaccurate portrayal of the location. How I wish you could actually see the kind of crime that goes on in Miami or Los Angeles where these cops are supposedly based. There’s nothing like all these fancy crimes or long drawn out business gone wrong type of crimes out there. All you have out there is crack heads and junkies killing each other, home invasions, Gas station robberies and all. I go out to Miami and i never see those skinny models or really buff looking men they show on these shows. All i see on the strip are fat Americans sprinkled with skinny Europeans with bad dentition and fanny packs. So I have to ask ” who or where did this idea come from?

Quick question, why is there always one bad ass chuck Norris wannabe in the division? Why does everyone on the force look like they live in the gym? Until very recently i lived in Connecticut USA, right next to this popular Donut and Bagel shop and let me tell you this; You know those movies where you see cops eating Donuts and drinking coffee all day parked at the side of the road… well that’s all they do, and i will also say they look so unhealthy you would not believe. All they did was come in the store get their Donut fix, talk about sports and wobble out. So I have to ask ” who or where did this idea come from?
Plus don’t you think these TV cops/investigators are a little over qualified for such a position in some county somewhere where “high profile crimes” happen. They do finger print analysis, fiber analysis, they can read toxicology reports and compare blood samples, they know just what to do with a microscope and might I add they always fire the killing shot even when the frigging SWAT team is right there with their automatic weapons.

I have visited police stations in 2 states so far and its no surprise that they don’t look anything like they show on TV. No fancy equipment or nothing. All i saw was lots of beat up tables and files for days. No fancy finger print analysis machines, no one wearing $800 suits on a meager policeman salary, no voice encryption or sound wave deciphering machine. Also since we are talking about the labs what do those random lab technicians lurking around do? and who pays their wages? It stands to reason that if the detectives are so skilled in all aspects of lab work why hire lab hands?

Whats the point of watching episode after episode or whodunnit stories? when you know how its going to end, when you know the detective in the suit and Ray Bans is not going to get shot even when he has just one small pistol and no bullet proof vest because he’s superman and the SWAT team taking cover behind their vans are just big pussies. I would appreciate an answer to these questions, but till then i file these shows in the same category as “Ice Loves CoCo” and the rest of them
*shrug* My opinion!

P.S I know some smart ass would ask me how i know so much about the show if i don’t watch it. Hush child! hush!

Authored by Chuck;
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