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Hello World,

It’s been forever since I blogged about anything at all. What can I say… Life took over I guess. I’m sure you are wondering what I have been up to and even if you are not I’ll tell you anyways.

I got a Job in some random Ice box of a state and my work days are not normal so coming online to grumble about every and anything has not been possible. To be honest, it wasn’t like I couldn’t find the time, I think I needed to take a break for a bit I guess.

Oh! I also started working on a memoir of some sort. I have had a more interesting life than the average young lad and I decided to put it on paper. Might never see the light of day but it’s some sort of therapy for me I guess.

Anyways..That’s about it really. Glad to say I am back to blogging full time. so expect something from me more frequently. I’m sure you have missed me *wink* and even if you haven’t… O well *shrug* who cares!

Albums, Movies and TV shows have been popping up back to back in the last couple of months. Some good..Oh wait scratch that; very few have been worthy of note. Most especially the new TV shows.

In this post I’ll be sticking it to those shows that are not worth watching (both new and old), Albums not worth buying, and movies I wasted money going to the movies for. Don’t take it personally if your favorite show/movie/album ends up on here. I’m just calling it as it is.


First off, Why o Why is Ashton Kutcher on “2 and a Half Men” ? Am I missing something? How did they go from Charlie Sheen: A Playboy/man, junkie- alcoholic to Ashton Kutcher: Near-retardo/ Demi moore’s soon to be Ex-boy-toy?

This time last year 2 and a Half men was the most watched show on TV. Right now they are not doing anything close to Charlie’s “winning” numbers. In the new show Ashton plays some billionaire Silicon Valley dude whose girlfriend dumped him so now he’s trying to win her back. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad concept for a show in anyway but it’s a horrible concept if you decide to name that show “2 and a Half Men”. All you hear is Ashton Kutcher’s whinny adolescent voice and after a while you just want to slit your wrists.. Yes the shows really that bad! What’s worse is he’s making everyone else on the show look bad and for some curious reason very old. Even the hilarious old maid is about as funny as my Grandma taking a dump in my microwave oven.(yes that did happen) Chuck Lorre needs to just kill this show and come up with something entirely new. Agreed Charlie was a Douche bag but you have to admit he was the very reason the show existed.

Funny thing is I don’t think Charlie can even do anything else. He’s already stuck with that role and I am afraid no one can see him outside of that anymore. Steve Urkle anyone?

S.N: What’s with the cave man look in Hollywood these days? Seems like no one wants to shave anymore. Who knew the Officer Ricky look would catch on!

Most people who know me know that I am big fan of Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives. Don’t judge me ok. Anyways, Gossip Girls on its 5th season and honestly I have to say it’s looking like it’s on its last leg. Truth be told the show remains true to what made it popular in the first place but for some reason they seem to be pushing it too far. The twists, turns, manipulations and lies still gets doled out on every single episode but it’s getting a little over the top.

Do know most of these kids aren’t even 18 yet? Errr.. There’s only so much you can convince me a 17year old can get up to before it starts getting ridiculous.

In Season 5, Blair is supposedly pregnant. No idea if it’s Chuck’s or The Count from Monte Cristo or is it Monte Carlo who she is engaged to be married to. Chuck has a little Fi-Fi dog for a companion now. Dan Humphrey wrote a book……..and it goes on and on. It’s left to be seen if it would last another season but I still watch it religiously and I probably will till the last episode airs.

“Desperate Housewives”, which is on its 8th season, has gotten just a wee bit too dark and depressing for my likening. Maybe this is just me being a chicken but if you ask me the murder cover-ups and Lynette’s divorce does not make it something I want to watch after a long day at work. It used to be mostly about comical mix-ups and funny antics. Lord knows where that went.

Long story short, I don’t think I’ll be watching it anymore. The first 6 seasons were super but I think they lost the plot in the 7th. Wish all the actors all the best. God knows they might probably never see work after this. Hope they have some really good investments.

As for the new shows; please stay away from “The secret Circle”. Some harry potter wannabe show about witches and all that rubbish. You might be able to sit through the first 2 episodes just to say you gave them a chance but that’s about as far as any sane person can go.

The Secret Circle Cast

Do not bother watching “2 broke girls”. I don’t even know if it was supposed to be a comedy or drama. It’s a total fail from all angles. Jokes, plot, props, acting, you name it. I don’t see this show surviving this season period.

“Charlie’s Angels” goes without saying. Who in his/her right mind would watch this? What pisses me off is the fact that these Hollywood execs would never let things be. They have to ruin everything for everybody. Remake this, Remake that. I don’t want to watch another “Charlie’s Angels”! I don’t want a “Foot Loose” remake. I don’t want to watch a “Scar Face” remake. Isn’t there such a thing as sacred over there anymore? *sigh*


I have to say by far one of the most anticipated albums of this year as a whole was Lil Wayne’s Carter IV. Even while he was in jail everyone expected him to come out blazing. First off he had all the time in the world to think without being under the influence, Secondly he had started writing again as opposed to his previous 4 albums where he recorded off the top of his head.

When the album finally dropped I was shocked at how bad the album was. My problems with the album starts right from the album cover. Who’s idea was that? Im guessing the theme was a more matured Weezy.. FAIL!

Tha Carter IV

Secondly, Wayne was obviously trying so hard to sound deep and “grown”(in line with the album cover I’m guessing) but just ended up with lame watered down Ice-prince-esque punchlines (Yes! That’s a real word look it up), weird sounding choruses and too many hashtag rhymes. Word of advice Weezy, No one expects you to say anything deep; neither does anyone expect you to say something that would bring a change to the world. Leave that to the Lupe Fiascos of this world. All we want is crazy punch lines and good music simple! You do know most of your listening audience does not include graduates right? So if they can’t decipher your lines then what’s the point? Oh well! I guess now we know what a sober Weezy sounds like. Err…I don’t like it. *sips codeine* “Care for some Weezy?”

Another disappointment, which in all honesty I wasn’t surprised was Ice Prince “ELI” Thank God I did not even bother buying this one. Rather I “organized” it.

The best song on there is not even worth listening to. Can anyone truthfully say you can stand “Oleku” right now. The songs has been played and slayed and remixed and merixed. No doubt it was probably one of the best songs out of Nigeria in the last 1 year but I don’t think it’s enough reason to buy the album.

Everybody Loves IcePrince

Asides that I don’t think there exists anything else on the album worth listening to. Every last punch line falls flat on its face. I wish I could have posted a review for this album sooner. I take the blame entirely if you already purchased the album. I should have warned you sooner.

3 doors down dropped an album in July. Their first offering since 2008 and I guess I had my expectations too high. It was a decent effort if I do say so.

“When You are Young” which was released as a single sometime in may is probably the only thing worth mentioning on the album. Curiously though it’s just a wee bit too similar to “Landing in London” (Take another listen). I think the issue was everyone expected something more or shall I say too much from them. Question: How many rock bands have more than one decent album in their lifetime? Asides from the Cold plays of this world, very few and I mean very few but the funny thing about the genre is you can coast for 10 years on the success of one album. I don’t think I’ll be breaking the credit card out for any album they put out anymore. To be brutally honest “Time of my Life” is a wimpy excuse for a Rock album”


When I think about the worst movies I have seen this year, one movie jumps right in my head “The Green Lantern”. I have said this over and over again. Never shoot a super hero flick with a known A-list star!

Why do you think “SpiderMan” was as successful as it was? Why do you think “IronMan” was as successful as it was? Not because they were such awesome stories. NO! Simply because everyone roots for the underdog. The entire concept of the “Super Hero” is turning normal/everyday/boring to “Super”. Don’t tell me Ben Affleck who looks like something from GQ is a super hero. Don’t tell me Halle berry is suddenly cat woman! No I’m not buying that. But then again who listens to me.

“Green Lantern” just totally sucked and not because the acting sucked or the graphics or anything it was just because it was not believable simple!

Who else saw “Larry Crowne”? You would think that a movie that had Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Taraji P. Henson and Cedric the Entertainer would at least make sense. Wrong! It was a horrible attempt at a romantic comedy and I don’t even know why I actually paid to see it. It was far from funny. Say what you will Julia Roberts best days are behind her. I never liked her anyways. “Larry Crowne” was a very pointless movie and if you haven’t seen it then count yourself lucky.

Sad to say the list goes on and on. Things are not looking good right now in TV land. The general lack of innovation and outside the box thinking is depressing. Everyone seems to only be interested in ruining perfectly good classics and making books and Video games into movies. Hopefully something gives soon.

Hit us up in the comment section with your best and worst movies, TV shows or Albums from January till date.

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