Whatever happened to the ‘M’ in MTV? : Chronicles of 16 and pregnant.

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Music, Uncategorized
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I’m pretty sure everyone knows how much I hate reality TV by now, but I just got really ticked off with this “16 and pregnant” show on MTV. Like what the…..??

First off, did the meaning of the acronym MTV change to mean something other than Music Television? These days they barely show any music at all. At the most 2 or 3 hours tops. Again, I’m still like what the….?

Then throw in this “16 and pregnant” show and Teen Mom 1 &2 and now I am really ticked off. I understand that anyone can make money from TV these days, for Christ sake Ashton Kutcher is still making movies and we all know he’s border line retarded (you didn’t hear that from me) not to mention “Ruby” who’s making money from her morbid obesity, which makes me wonder though, if she lost all that weight wouldn’t it mean her source of income would dry up? Won’t the show come to an end? So if she doesn’t lose any weight, isn’t the aim of the show defeated? Or am I just losing my mind?

Anyways I am not here to talk about all the weird TV shows I don’t understand (trust me we would be here for the whole day).

Who exactly is this 16 and pregnant show made for? Impressionable kids from 11 to 18? And what exactly can we take away from this show? Humor? Entertainment? Education? Morals? I repeat, what the …..?

Fact is, I am not the most morally upright person or whatever, but I really need to know the reason behind that show and what the plan was when it put on air. What’s funny is the show is such a big hit they just keep building and building spin-offs on its “success”

A week ago I was reading something on 2 of the girls on the current show. The first one, whose name I don’t know so I would refer to from here on as “Idiot 1” apparently went on a quest to get knocked up to be on the show. You can imagine how happy she was when she found out she was knocked up at 15. Smh

The other girl (who would be referred to as “Idiot 2”) is friends with Idiot 1. The story goes that. When idiot 2 found out that idiot 1 was pregnant she got hold of idiot 1’s sonogram pictures and showed it to her boyfriend, telling him she was already pregnant so they should ditch the protection. Boyfriend to Idiot 2 ditched protection and the rest as they say is history. Their reward for this extreme idiocy? a TV show! Awesome!

What sucks even more is, MTV is not even keeping it real on the show. Not one bit. They never talk about the cost of raising a kid in the dead economy of today. They never talk about the medical issues that come with underage pregnancies. The never talk about how the parents really feel about their kids. Neither do they talk about the implications having a kid so early in life has on your life plans in general. They don’t talk about child support and all the drama that comes with that. Name one friend of yours who got knocked up in high school who you stayed friends with? None. So who are the friends of these people? I know for a fact most parents would ban you from even thinking about such a person or walking on the same side of the street with either one of Idiot 1 or 2. Hell, my mom would have had me switch schools.

Most of the girls on the show, drop out of school, get married and all that, yet the parents are so cool about this? Me I don’t understand o! Some even recently got plastic surgery and tabloids and magazines seem to be spurring them on. Gone are the days of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston on Magazine covers. Now its Teen Mom this, 16 and pregnant that! And the public cries more!! more!! more!!

These moms, who are still “kids” themselves regardless of how you look at it, are still acting like kids. Getting drunk, arrested, hitting each other and all the other things “teenagers” do. So what exactly is the next generation looking like? “oh just get knocked up at 15, MTV would throw six figures and a camera in your face”. Sad. Sad. Sad

My question is why glamorize such a sensitive issue? Do we really need this show on TV? Maybe the show started out with good intentions but it has since gone off rails. I would have expected that after the first season the show should have been re-evaluated but that’s not the case. On comes the spin off “Teen Mom”. The second season of which drew almost 4million viewers. Why won’t the economy be shot to shit when no one seems to be focusing on the important stuff. Cancer? Aids, Global warming, PDP… etc

This portrayal of teen pregnancy and its allure and simplicity that the people in TV land have decided to bless us with fails miserably to convey the true hardships and emotional stress that comes with the territory.

Authored by Chuck;
Chuck is one of our admins here at ‘La Critique’ and you can follow him on Twitter @Capt_mdb

  1. Blazes says:

    You know, I held Mtv in high esteem but that was years ago when all they were about was good music. So, I’m not sympathetic to your cause, sorry! If you don’t want shit, don’t go to the toilet!

  2. Evie783 says:

    I’m a person of reality shows but seriously it seems that shows like “Teen Mom” are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls. The kids from these shows are all over the news, even on the covers of magazines, and have been become almost like celebrities young girls are beginning to idolize these “moms”

    ” Over all MTV is now as fake as shit…..its actually dead to me, i no longer watch it… Talk of 16 and Pregnant #FAIL

  3. jide lawal says:

    Now what is d world turnin into. It almost seems like they r encouragin teenage pregnancy

    • blacklola says:

      @ Evie; lolzz. I guess MTV’s offlimits for you. Thanx for respondin…
      @ Jide; “it almost seems like”??? Common! You gotta be kiddin’ me!!

  4. marie says:

    Never watched d show n I prolly never will after dis. Wat is d world turning in2?? 16 n pregnant? Oh camman!!

  5. Don says:

    dis is one thing the world should be reading besides other things MTV should go back to the board. If they are running out of tv programs they should stick to the original plan Music Music and more Music…

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