The Illuminati, Devil worship and all that crap!

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This topic is one that’s been on my mind for quite a while now, way before I started blogging, but I just never got my wits about me to write something, plus I wanted it to be as concise and explanatory as possible. So here goes.

Illuminati is the plural word for illuminatus which means enlightened, the name was formed by the Bravarian illuminati which was founded in 1779 by Adam Weishaupt. In recent times the illuminati have come to mean a conspiracy riddled organization that controls everything from the government to corporations. How the devil got mixed with the illuminati I would never know or understand, but I am pretty sure anyone who’s ever read anything concerning music and pop culture would agree that the illuminati has become synonymous with the devil. I have so far not been able to find anything that relates Adam Weishaupt to devil worship and if anyone does please inform me. The internet is filled with all sorts of reports or should I say stories that point fingers at an ever increasing number of artistes or showbiz personnel who are supposedly members of this super-secret society. Most notably Jay-Z who curiously seems to never do much to get himself out of all the illuminati/devil worship talk. Take for instance his “Roc” sign which is basically his symbol which people say looks like the pyramid which has come to be the basis of all illuminati-dom, his corporation, Rocafella which curiously sounds very similar to Rockefella, the family who everyone widely believed to be one of the old time illuminati members, his clothing line often uses the Eye of Horus on a lot of designs, even his lyrics don’t help the conspiracies.

From saying “I don’t pray to God, I pray to gotti” to calling himself Jahova, a name people have taken to mean Jehovah (one of the Hebrew names for God) Even Beyonce is not left out of all of this, her alter ego; Sasha Fierce has been said to be Beyonce possessed by a demon. Not to mention the Goat head ring she’s been sporting recently which conspiracy theorists are calling the head of Baphomet which is notably the symbol of the church of satan.

Oh! don’t forget the huge Goat head metal plate she wore across her chest to promote her album. The plate was shaped like a motorcycle and its being interpreted as her being a vehicle for the devil. Kanye West has been spotted wearing shirts with baphomet’s head, this is the same Kanye who’s first single was “Jesus walks”. Besides he’s already been labeled a part of the whole illuminati agenda by association. I don’t even want to get into lady GaGa who has been surrounded with controversy since day one. With all her horns and re-birth videos (think Grammy egg entrance).

Even RiRi’s videos as far back as Umbrella has been dissected so many times it doesn’t feel like a music video to me anymore, more like some occult ritual. Her recent photo shoots are noticeably all one eyed. The smelly looking Ke$ha actually had a blood drinking and bathing sketch complete with a human heart and all on tour in Australia, you can imagine the response she got from that.

Question: Are these artistes going crazy or are people seeing things where they are not? How come all the big names are all devil worshippers? Should we then stop listening to people who are obviously the best at their craft? Remember the uproar when someone came up with the idea that musicians like Bone thugs and harmony and snoop dogg actually back tape devil worship chants into their songs? This was way back maybe 9 or 10 years ago. Back then I was like what’s the fuss all about? There was no way I could confirm this so I let it go. Running a search for back taped songs on YouTube would come up with quite a number of hits. Here’s what I did; I listened to one of them with no subtitles and believe me I couldn’t hear anything. It sounded like it should have sounded- talking backward! When I listened to another one with subtitles it was a totally different story. I could actually make out words on there. Could it be that I was just hearing whatever the maker of the video wanted me to hear? Still unconvinced I studied up on the back tapping process and made a song infused with a lot of devil worship jargon. And you would be amazed how many people actually liked that song for no apparent reason. No one has ever figured what song that is and where I placed the devil chant in. Funny thing, I played the song for one of the biggest producers in Nigeria and he immediately noticed it! Could it be that there’s some truth after all to producers making songs with devil chants to sub consciously place ideas in your brains? *sighs* or did I just make a really good song? At this point I don’t know what to believe. Maybe Jay Z woke up one day and realized that the more controversy around his music, the more people would be interested, translating to the more ching! ching! in his bank account. Oh well I guess his plan worked. Hell! I am doing an article on this s**t aren’t I? So has Jay Z mastered the act of hiding in plain sight? Beyonce had the sun in her video “Sweet Dreams” does that mean she was paying homage to the sun God? Last I checked this was the same sun that helps plants grow.

The same sun we rely on for warmth and power. Earth’s Omega energy source belongs to the devil? Are we right to agree with bloggers and conspiracy theorists that these people are devil worshippers and not believe Jay Z when he says he isn’t? Are the bloggers more credible? Everybody, I mean everybody is now taking one eyed pictures, just take a look at Rick Ross, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Eminem, Selena Gomez, Ciara, Madonna even Michael Jackson albums. Does going one eyed mean anything anymore? A couple of these albums flopped like a poorly made soufflé so I am wondering “Do the illuminati know what they are doing?” Or maybe the plan from the get go was to have the whole world throwing up signs and symbols that no one would figure out who’s really part of this “super-secret sect” Come to think of it, how do we know Rihanna covering up one eye isn’t just a smart way to cover her mundo forehead or should I say five-head? Not that she would admit it anyway so we would never know. Pirates have been one eyed for decades, Hell that’s the most recognizable pirate symbol. Are they part of the illuminati? I greatly doubt that. Most of them died poor with no livers. Not a befitting death for an elite super-secret society member you would agree. By now I am sure you are wondering where I stand in all of this. Even I am wondering the same thing. For what it’s worth I think these artistes now exactly what they are doing and the reaction they get from you is exactly what they wanted in the first place.

I don’t believe anyone’s particular religious belief makes their music bad or not worth listening to. Maybe there are subliminal messages in their music, maybe there isn’t but how does that matter. Maybe the real problem is with people who want you to believe Jay Z and co are the Devil’s sales men! Asides from The missionary position, every other sex position is related to Devil worship rituals and all, does that mean we worship the Devil when we decide to do the doggy? Subliminal messages in Disney cartoons? Only a pervert would ever find those and I am pretty sure any 4 to 10 year old who those movies were made for would never notice them, so is the aim not defeated if it was meant to be a subliminal message for the impressionable minds of the kids watching? My point is, quit seeing things where they do not exist people!! Listen to music as it was meant to be listened to and let it end there. Stick to your beliefs and do your own research. Make your own conclusions. Why let yourself be influenced by someone else ideas? Everything is relative and open to interpretation. Take for example the horned finger sign which has become an integral part of rock and roll. Is actually the same as the sign language for love used by deaf people but it can be interpreted to mean El- Diablo (Spanish for Devil) so when I make the sign with my fingers how do you know what I am talking about? For all you know I might be trying to reach my disabled fan base. But as soon as you hear on NTA 7 that I am a devil worshipper/illuminati that’s what we choose to believe. If I decide to open an Ise Ewu (goat head pepper-soup) restaurant, what would I use as a symbol asides a goat head? A Chicken head? Oh so I’m a devil worshipper now? Give me a break. Have we forgotten what we learnt from Showbiz 101? There’s no such thing as bad publicity. This applies to both the artistes and the dooms day merchant sitting in front of their PCs pecking away. How do you know I am not putting this article up to pull traffic to my blog? How do you know Jay Z is not sitting in his living room saying “hmmmm what if I take the emblem off my Rolls Royce and replace it with a Goat head? Would that get me on TMZ tonight?”

I am not trying to force my ideas on anyone. I barely know what I believe, but I do know I want you to read this article and make your own conclusion. If you decide that every artiste out there is a devil worshipper and you don’t want to listen anymore then by all means don’t listen. As for me, I am bumping to Jay Z right now not because I think he’s a devil worshipper or not but because it’s good music and that’s that!

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  1. blacklola says:

    I like your analysis and everything but its still kinda undeniable that sum of these people engage in Devil worship. I do agree tho, that, that doesnt still mean you shouldnt enjoy good music when you’re supposed ta. I mean I listen to good gospel music even tho I’m a muslim, it dont mean my religious belief’s changed. Like you said “Its good music and that’s that!” Nice piece.

  2. Don says:

    this is cool seeing things from a diff point of view the topic is an integral part of everyday talk…nice one…

    • STEVEN says:


      • STEVEN says:


      • mastachy says:

        hey man,i want to join u man.. contact me here

    • BKTRUTH says:

      If you don’t see the connection it is because you do not want to see it.You can go back to the 70’s,80’s,and 90’s and they did the same thing.One eyed symbolism on the albums and many more satanic symbols.You can tell Jay-z is demonic by his lyrics anyway forget symbols and signs,just listen to what he is saying.smh

  3. Evie says:

    Wow, wow, wow, very good analysis here, very good job.. THUMBS UP! Well, like @blacklola says, its undeniable that some of these people engage in devil worship but i think majority of the same people whether devil worshippers or not have talent and thats why people love them. These artists are rich and famous because they have talent. So all of us that cover one eye with our hair have a prob, anh?? SMH… *now doing the peace sign* #ImNotIlluminati hehehe

  4. kay says:

    Erm, I take pics w one eye covered most times 2 hide my “five-head” just like rihanna. I think most of dose conspiracy theorists r the real illuminati, dats y they’re so good @ detecting d “signs”…whether these artistes r illuminati or not, they make good music #thatisall

  5. Abdulrahym says:

    Nice one…do your research n think for yourself!

  6. chingaling says:

    nice 1… Good argument…but in d end i believe som people might end up even more confused by ur conclusion. Lets get 1 thing straight: jay-z is a member of the freemasons. How do i know? Cos he said so himself in the song ‘run this town’. This is nt about playing a tape backwards…he said it clearly. Now i’m still a little ignorant of the relationship the masons hav wit the illuminati; largely becos i don’t care…but u can’t say “i’m a mason” in ur lyrics and people will take it as if its nothing. Yes, they do all these to sell records, but hiding in plain sight can only b done if u blend in wit those around u; or in this case make them blend in wit u. Remember celine dion? I believe the true occult artiste like jay-z r trying to create a situation where u can come out freely and admit u r a mason or watever bcos u don’t really know who truely is. THAT is hiding in plain sight.

  7. charles says:

    @chingaling.go and listen to free masons by jay z and rick ross. Then come back

  8. Blazes says:

    Let me start by saying that Jay-z said in the song, Empire state of Mind, “JESUS can’t save you. Life begins when the church ends”. Chris, I love the way you write. Very interesting read this piece proved. Do you know the group “third eye blind”? If u don’t, it’s ok…they’re under-dogs; a category you’re gunning for rapidly cos of your similarity -Third eye blind. For people like you, Jay-z’s claim as satan on Cnn would be called “publicity”. Wake up, son!!!

  9. xi says:

    This is the best article I’ve read in a while, nice one.

    And yes, please feel free to feel flattered.

  10. keyshia says:

    I like wat you doin. But we need more and more people to learn about wat our world is into.

  11. india says:

    Ppl do not be confused. Devil worship comes in many forms. Just like witchcraft. You don’t have to be a dark room with candles and making weird noises and chanting things from a book to do devil worshipping. You have to really be open to the words that come out of your mouth to the clothes that you wear on your back. Satan is simply using alot of ppl as his puppets to release his demonic presence. Alot of ppl, including church folk don’t pick up on it just yet. Alot of time the devil will paint a beautiful picture b4 he attacks. Remember that Lucifer was a beautiful man with a beautiful voice and uses those gifts that he was given to denounce the word of God. Alot of websites are talking about this whole “Illuminati” thing but it is sooooooo much more than that. When the false Messiah makes himself known there are going to be alot of ppl that are so brainwashed/confused/distracted that they won’t know any better. They will chose him b/c his appeal to the eyes will look promising. So when you look at pictures of Beyonce,Jay Z,etc, look at what they say,their salutes to the devil,their clothes, No way would I dare walk around with the image of Baphomet on my shirt. I may not be “devil worshipping” in a dark room but I am definitely giving the Devil the glory when he isn’t the one who deserves it.

    P.S. Back in the day these “signs” were not as clear. We are getting closer to Gods return (whenever that may be) therefore these “signs” need to be made a little bit more obvious to the public. Also, alot of people know Revelations and know what is going on in the media and chose to speak on what they see. Ppl, keep thinking “oh its just good music”. Yeah Lucifer made good…no great..beautiful music and look who he turned out to be. In order to know how to recognize satan you need to know WHO he is and how he got to where he is. I dare you to research him.

    I myself loveeeeeeeeee music! I love all kinds but i will be darned if imma sit and sing a song with a nice banging beat talking about some foolishness knowing that person is speaking of the devil. NOT!! Words are very powerful.


  12. Mata Simeon says:

    Is the illuminate good or bad?

  13. It’s perfect time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I’ve read this put up and if I may I want to counsel you few attention-grabbing issues or suggestions. Maybe you can write next articles relating to this article. I want to learn more things about it!

  14. My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was once entirely right. This submit truly made my day. You cann’t consider just how much time I had spent for this information! Thank you! Cheers from France!

  15. Lolo says:

    Finally! An objective piece of information on the internet! U voiced my thoughts! Am also looking for that connection between weishaupt and the devil. But its not like i believe in this crap anyway

  16. Anthony says:

    when i read this blog, i ask why talk about such a subject? the root question i will draw out of this is, is it still okay to listen to rap even if the artists claims to be a satan worshipper. well this is simple. if you are not a believer in the biblical God then for you it doesnt matter whether or not you listen to it. for a believer this is different why? because we are suppose to live a christians glorifying God in all that we do. listening to anything that does not gloryfy his name is sin…how could i call myself a beliver but i listen to music that promotes sex, drugs, wild parties, and of course blasphemy. all the things that God tells us to cut from our lives for these things do not represent His character. as the image bearers of God Christians must not indulge. really just think for a second…how can someone say its “good” music heres what you should do. write the lyrics down and just read them without will see a big difference. and research subliminal messages before you say they dont do anything..your brain is sharper than what you think and a 4 year olds brain is a sponge to things that are concious as well as subliminals. open your minds and research these things research allister crowley, research backmasking, reasearch the history or the illuminati, very “inlightening”…after introducing such a great topic i think you missed your own point. youtube this…”BIZZLE explaing to do”.. and have your eyes opened.

  17. Anthony says:

    artist name title explaining to do

  18. adeola says:

    Hummmm love dis

  19. vincent wilson says:

    all u muthafuckerz that tink u can play hide nd seek wit christ,u jst being wicked to urselves cos tha bible we ignore is full of enternal life message,niggas nd pussiez check urselves out cos when u die theres no repentance,so fuck yall devil worshìpperz

  20. Jose Santos says:

    im not sure who was the idiot who started the rumor that the Illuminati have anything to do with the devil but he is a moron indeed. first of all the Illuminati were created as atheist scientist and disbelivers in God as well as believers in ETs aka aliens. so why would someone who doesnt believe in God believe in Satan lol really. secondly it has nothing to do with good or bad but rather who has the control of resources regardless of people on this planet. face it 7 billion people is and always be just a handful of peasents and theres always be someone to rule you over. that has been for the last 100000 years through kings chiefs emperors etc. and finally whoever is in charge (and someone always have to be) its all fucking the same to u.

  21. mastachy says:

    hey man,i want to join u man.. contact me here

  22. the devil z our ………….

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